Satthwa Technology Services’ objectives for the first 3 years:

  • Establish and maintain at least thirty SAP support customers
  • Complete 6 SAP projects from planning to implementation
  • Be able to offer Support and Services in other IT areas


Satthwa Technology Services is an innovative business support company that has been founded on the belief that one company can make more than a difference, it can change the whole face of a business as we know it.

The aim is for the founders to put good the skills and experience they have into the correct channels of the business to ensure the company can live up to the potential it holds on paper.


Keys to Success

  • Years of Experience, spread over continents
  • A mix of Maturity and Fresh Ideas
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Breadth of Ability
  • The will to develop strong business relationships
  • A flexibly managed business that can adjust to customer needs
  • Ability to network in the industry

Business Model

Satthwa Technology Services will leverage the industry knowledge of its founding members to provide outstanding service to its customers. The company will initially have as little overhead as possible with the founders working at their own costs.

The company will be developed with a “customer service and satisfaction first” mentality in an effort to build acceptance and a positive reputation in the industry.

The model itself is not a take on any other nor is it following a text book, it is one that has been created by the founders from the years of IT experience and business logic. The thought has been always to keep the model easy and flexible, so that the business can adapt to what the customers and markets desire, and therefore making the company more widely accessible rather than one that is stringent and can only deal with certain cliental, work on certain solutions or cannot move from serving one sector.